Green IT Platform

Radian Generation LENS

Enterprise Software Platform Designed Specifically for Renewable Energy Developers and Owners.

Radian Generation’s Green IT software platform offers unparalleled versatility and can be deployed as individual modules tailored to specific job functions or within integrated platforms that streamline critical activities across the enterprise. Engineered to meet the day-to-day data centric and workflow demands for renewable energy business operations, Green IT provides a comprehensive workspace for all facets of the asset lifecycle from development through construction and operations.

“Green IT delivers a comprehensive workspace to unite all critical data, functionality, and business process.”

Andrew Eisenberg
~Chief Technology Officer

Top 5 Green IT Features


1. Renewable energy specific Gantt interface enables fulsome project management and early identification of risk.

Task Management

Green IT’s Task Manager system is the only renewable energy specific project management system delivering a powerful task engine and a robust Gantt interface. Manage projects across their entire lifecycle and benefit from the streamlined interface identifying critical path and early awareness of schedule / budget risk.

2. Complete digitization and automation toolset for all renewable energy land activities

Land Control

Green IT’s Land Control system unifies critical land data into a powerful interface. 1) Parcels, 2) Stakeholders, 3) Agreements, and Payments. Streamline end to end process connecting land agents, developers, legal, ap, and erp integration

3. Unified data analytics, aggregated across technology into a feature-full environment focused on the Owner/Asset Manager use case.

Data Analytics

Green IT has developed a robust operational data collection system harvesting an expansive dataset from each project asset regardless of technology and manufacturer. The Green IT Data Analytics module provides fulsome detail and a deep toolset to interrogate the data to derive meaningful insights.

4. Flexible data architecture wrapping projects and portfolios – System of Truth.


Green IT enables end-users to define architectures to harvest critical data across projects and portfolios. Expansive reporting features provide on-demand and pre-schedule reports both within the platform and delivered via email. Streamline data collection and reporting activities and enforce Green IT as the system of truth for all data.

5. Identify and Manage Contractual and Regulatory Risk.

Risk Management

Green IT provides an expansive workspace to identify, assign, and manage contractual and regulatory obligations across a portfolio. In addition to obligations, Green IT provides a robust interface to track agreement expiration, and counterparts.

Enterprise-level Asset Management software for every project phase

Radian Generation’s Green IT software is designed with a plug-and-play configuration that enables clients to seamlessly add or remove modules as their requirements evolve.
The features list below provides highlights from the expansive software catalog.

Development Phase Features

  • Budget vs. Actual
  • Financial Model
  • Land
  • Permitting
  • Stakeholder CRM
  • Vitals & Reporting
  • Workflows

Delivery Phase Features

  • Deliverables
  • Issue Tracker
  • Task Management

Operations Phase Features

  • Operations Reporting
  • Performance Analytics
  • Portfolio Health, Safety, and Training
  • Risk Management
  • Warehouse

System Sync / Integrations

  • CMMS
  • ERP Integration
  • File Management Integration
  • GIS Sync
  • Operational Data

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