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California Central Valley

Portfolio Specifications

CONFIGURATION: Horizontal Tracker
INVERTERS: SMA OWNER: (name withheld)
LOCATION: California Central Valley

Asset Operations: Weather Adjusted Production Availability

In House Team

Radian Team (following year)

Radian Results

  • 1.8% more productive
  • 1,168,000 kWh Additional Energy
  • $175,000 Additional Revenues

Asset Operations: Weather Adjusted Production

Actual Specific Yield In-House Team

Expected Specific Yield In-House Team

Actual Specific Yield Radian Team

Expected Specific Yield Radian Team

Radian consistently bridged the gap in variance between the actual and the expected specific yield. Understanding this variance, production trending, and analysis thereof allowed the Radian team to identify performance issues not inherently obvious in O&M availability reporting.

Asset Operations: Understanding & Managing Soiling

In House Team

Radian Team (following year)

Radian performed two washings (once in early August and once in mid-September). These washings directly attributed to bridging the gap between actual and expected yield and mitigated soiling losses.

Asset Contracts: Performance Guarantee

O&M provider requested 50% share of over-performance revenue. Radian’s close analysis of assumptions saved the owner $85,000
SAVINGS: $85,000

Radian identified 2 issues with the requested payment assumptions:
  • O&M used the sum of inverter output instead of the revenue-grade meter
  • O&M’s calculation of system losses deviated from contractually-agreed formulae

Asset Finances: Revenue

Bar Graph

Line Graph

Δ Production Variance Added kWh Added Revenue
+1.8% 1,168,000+ $175,000

The Radian Solution

Radian’s expertise & services target the three pillars of asset management.


Asset Operations

Production & Availability

+1.8% production
+1,168,000 kWh
100% availability

Contract Compliance

Contractual Savings


Financial Management

Additional Revenue


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