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Let Radian optimize your renewable energy portfolio.

We deliver measurable results for your existing projects, increasing your ROI while freeing you to focus on your core business.

The Radian Pillars


We ensure our client’s success through a comprehensive, technology-enabled program. Instead of focusing on just one variable, Radian’s approach is to optimize overall portfolio value by integrating the three pillars of asset management:
  • Asset Operations
    Detect and resolve technical issues early to optimize operations.
    • Monitoring
    • O&M oversight
    • Analytics
  • Contract Compliance
    Manage and fulfill contract and regulatory obligations to eliminate compliance risk.
    • Project Documents
    • Regulatory
    • Financial Documents
  • Financial Management
    Organize and perform all areas of financial management (GAAP reporting, budgets, invoicing, cash management) to deliver accurate and measurable results to investors and owners.
    • Project level
    • Fund or investment level
We believe these three pillars are interrelated, and that successful portfolio management requires a symbiotic approach that integrates the perspectives of several functional teams, rather than optimizing each individually.

 Results Driven

Our comprehensive management services and LENS™ technology platform ensure that projects perform at optimum levels, financially, contractually, and technically. 

Consulting and Advising

Consult with us to meet your individual needs. The Radian Generation team has deep experience with both utility scale as well as distributed generation development. From negotiating your next PPA to PVSYT modeling or developing a set of operating cost assumptions, we have the expertise to ensure the success of your project.

Why Choose Radian?

Our Team

Our team has held senior positions at leading solar developers, equipment providers, and EPC contractors. This experience translates into an independent, comprehensive, and reliable owner’s advocate.

The LENS™ Platform

LENS™ is Radian’s proprietary cloud-based asset management technology platform designed to deliver, to asset owners and operators, the best practices of our industry experts. 

Radian Methodology

Radian combines asset management processes and best practices into a comprehensive, technology-enabled program that delivers consistent, measurable results. 

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