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Radian Generation About Us

Creating a culture of preparedness and excellence in renewable energy

Radian Generation was founded in 2013 on the core principle of driving sustainable growth by providing focused and professional asset management solutions for the renewable energy industry. During the formative years of the renewable market, the experienced Radian founders fostered an acute awareness of the need for versatility, continuity, and resiliency in a third-party business model for managing projects expected to last for decades. Today, Radian has expanded to offer industry-leading services for asset management, compliance, cyber security, advisory, and software services for solar, wind, and energy storage developers and owners.

Meet the Radian Generation Team

Radian Generation has assembled a team of talented and diverse power generation professionals and industry experts with a deep understanding and background in renewables. Our team members have held senior positions at leading developers, IPP’s, equipment providers, engineering firms, and EPC contractors. The combined experience of both Radian Generation and Green IT now positions the company to support developers and owners across the entire asset lifecycle (development, construction, operation). We believe that our people are the single most important ingredient in our clients’ success.

Join Our Growing Team

Since Radian Generation’s inception in 2013, we have mirrored the rise in the solar industry with explosive year-over-year growth. We are always interested and excited to speak with talented professionals who share our passion for the environment and our commitment to create value for our clients.

Radian Generation: About Us

A Distributed Workforce

Headquartered in Charlotte, NC, with an office in Philadelphia, PA, and additional resources around the world, Radian Generation embraces a distributed workforce with a team spread out across the United States from coast to coast.

Radian Generation: About Us

From Startup to Grown Up

Radian Generation has grown from a small startup to become a leader in third-party asset management, compliance, and cybersecurity in renewable energy. As a result, our employees have continual access to new career opportunities.

A passion to create a supportive, inclusive and engaged work environment.

Radian Generation is dedicated to building a supportive, inclusive and engaged work environment and platform that provides best-in-class, technology-enabled solutions for owners of renewable energy power plants. It is through a carefully cultivated learning environment and shared passion for building a more sustainable future that we carry out our mission.

As the energy grid continues to evolve in unpredictable ways, professional, 24/7 asset management services are needed more than ever to ensure the uninterrupted operation of power-generating assets. That is why Radian Generation built its business around maintaining energy assets as critical infrastructure, with a keen focus on optimization and performance.