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Automate the mundane and highlight the exceptional with Radian’s proprietary LENSTM platform.

The Lens Platform

Automate the mundane and highlight the exceptional. Free your portfolio managers from administrative burdens with the groundbreaking Lens™ Technology platform for asset management.​​​​​​​
Lens provides superior efficiencies, redundancies and results.

Actionable Insights & Measurable Results

Our technology, proven through use by our internal fulfillment team to optimize our clients’ portfolios, is now available as a stand-alone product and provides superior efficiencies and results.

Benefits Include

  • Increase topline revenues & create higher project value by improving system efficiencies
  • Decrease regulatory and contractual compliance risk through active monitoring
  • Gain process & operational efficiency
  • Gain insights on the operations of your systems to optimize your portfolio
  • Focus efforts for consistent high performance

Lens by the numbers:


Auditable Task Completions


Assets Registered


Resolved Performance Tickets

Our Technology

LENS™ leverages industry-leading cloud computing platforms and focused business processes to enable asset managers to monitor and manage, operations, contracts, finances, and field services for their projects & portfolios.
  • Maintain consistency and compliance with built-in workflow
  • Inform investors with customized reporting 
  • Improve organization and management through best practices designed in the system along with a flexible configuration to meet clients’ unique processes

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